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"Welcome to Steven Mattos Home, where passion meets purpose in the world of interior design. We believe that every space tells a story, and our mission is to craft that story into something profoundly beautiful. Drawing inspiration from global aesthetics and the latest design trends, our team transforms spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing havens. Whether you're envisioning a single romantic room or an entire home that exudes beauty, Steven Mattos Home is committed to realizing your vision, ensuring that every detail resonates with your unique style and personality. Dive in and let's co-create spaces that inspire, comfort, and elevate every moment."

Timeless Elegance

"Dedicated to crafting spaces of amazing beauty, my philosophy is simple: Transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary, inspiring realms of aesthetic wonder. Welcome to a world where the exceptional meets the everyday, where we turn your dreams of incredible, beautiful spaces into reality."




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"My journey in design was set in motion by a fascination with art and a deep-rooted passion for making objects beautiful. From an early age, I found myself driven to design, always seeking to enhance aesthetics and functionality. Inspired by the classics and influenced by experiences in travel and residential styling, I realized it was time to fulfill a calling and make interior design my work. Drawing from my appreciation for timeless design and guided by my passion for creating beautiful, yet functional spaces, I now specialize in designing interiors that exude beauty, elegance, and sophistication."

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